Thursday, 12 April 2012

Why should you use a splash page?

Splash pages, everywhere splash pages. Many people recommend to create a splash or a squeeze page, but is that really necessary? There are two sides of the medal. When you are using traffic exchanges to generate page views, people have not much time when they surf to get through your whole website and read all the text. A well designed splash page will get attention and let people click to get more information.

On the other side, splash pages are not SEO friendly and search engines like Google will not crawl your site because of less content on the page. So using splash pages is okay in traffic exchanges but you should still write good content for your own homepage. People will get directly to your website and to your content and what they don't want you see now is a splash page.

Use a splash or squeezepage where it makes sense and write good content to increase your Google ranking. Share on APSense

Monday, 9 April 2012

New TEs added

I added SiteXplosion and Listsurfing wich are two of my favorite TEs. Share on APSense